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Skin Treatments

Every time you come to SANĈTUM, you’ll get a different skin treatment. Why? Because we create the exact treatment your skin needs right now. Not what you needed last week or last season.

Our therapeutic facials are individually tailored to address a variety of skin issues including acne, congestion, dryness, sensitivity, rosacea, dermatitis, ageing, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Our therapists give you an expert and detailed analysis every visit. They call on their in-depth training, and create a treatment using dermaviduals® products.

How it works

Our facial and skin treatments work a bit differently to other clinics.

Rather than offering the same treatment to everyone, or giving you a menu of fancy names to choose from, we create a customised treatment for you.

Foundation Facial (Also perfect as a maintenance facial).

Book Now$110

We thoroughly cleanse your skin, exfoliate and apply a selection of masks and serums, establishing a solid base for more specialised techniques. Your therapist will choose your additional treatment based on an expert analysis and the needs of your skin.

These add-ons may include LED Light Therapy, Enzyme or Algae Masks or Eye treatments, each costing $45.

If three or more add-ons are used, our price to you is capped at $200 – no nasty suprises! This is explained prior to commencement of the treatment.

As we are an exclusive stockist of dermaviduals®, you can trust that both product and our expertise are second to none. You can relax in all aspects – you’ll be in expert hands.

Enzyme Peel $45
Algae-based Mask $45
LED Light Therapy Treatment $45
Dark Circles and Tired Eyes Treatment $45
Eye Revitalising Treatment $45

Back Indulgence Facial

Book Now$100

Think of this like a facial for your back! This sumptuous treatment will completely energise
you and allow you to bare your back with confidence.

Starting with exfoliation with jojoba oil, we give you an enzyme treatment and a nourishing
mask using customised serums. We finish with a massage using a hydrating moisturiser.
Extractions are done if required.

Men’s Facial Treatment

Book Now$145

Nourish and soothe your tired skin with our customised facial for men. This is a deeply cleansing treatment that gives you a healthy glow.

As always at Sanctum, we tailor every treatment to suit your skin. We treat a range of skin issues from shaving rash, blemishes, ingrown hairs, sun damage, irritations and skin conditions. It includes a shoulder and scalp massage.

Mens Facial Treatment

Advanced Skin Analysis with OBSERV Diagnostic Device

— $110 (Fully redeemable with the purchase of 3 products)

Asa 1
Asa 2

The OBSERV diagnostic device is designed with 5 different observation modes allowing us to accurately diagnose skin types as well as skin problems residing at the surface or hiding in deeper layers.

The texture, colour and secretions of the skin will allow us to see how your skin is behaving, and determine which skin care ingredients will effectively correct any skin dysfunction.

OBSERV will help us to maintain your skin in the best possible way and allows us to track your skins progress following treatment and product use. Our aim is to help you achieve your skin goal of healthy, glowing skin.

To book your assessment, please contact us.

I’ve had the best experience with Tanja. Her work is amazing, she’s not only a professional who knows her stuff but is also a beautiful person who makes you feel like you’re a part of her family. My face hasn’t ever felt and looked as good as it does now, thanks to Tanja’s magical work. Keep it up

G.K., Melbourne

I used to be unsure about spending money on skin and beauty services because I thought it was not necessary. How wrong I was! Tanja makes you feel so comfortable and I always walk out feeling more confident with how I look. My skin has cleared up dramatically and my eyebrows have never looked better. I get compliments on my brows all the time!

E.V., Fitzroy