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Advanced Skin Treatments

Sanctum offers Advanced Skin Treatments too - Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and LED Therapy Treatments both offer more specific treatment for many skin issues. Please call the clinic to discuss these amazing alternatives for your journey towards skin perfection.

To book special options or packages, simply book one of the services and, when you visit the clinic, we can arrange the subsequent visits.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) Facial

Book Now$300 (see add-on option pricing below)

Series of 3 including 2 x LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION - LED FACIALs for $900 (a saving of $280) - Just book your first service and we can arrange the package in the clinic.

Collagen Induction Therapy, also called skin needling, is the ideal skin rejuvenation treatment for your face, neck and décolletage. It stimulates the production of collagen to address ageing, scarring, pigmentation, wrinkles and many other skin imperfections. After a course of treatments, your skin will look revitalised, rejuvenated and replenished.

The needles used are single-use, medical-grade stainless steel, 100% sterile, and U.S. manufactured. Not everyone is a candidate for this treatment so we suggest you book in your free assessment to be able to customise the therapy for your skin’s needs.

Additional option:
A dermal roller will help you get even more effective results at home. We offer take-home dermal rollers for $135.

Extra treatments are available for neck/décolletage, or specific issues such as scarring. Please enquire when you book.

  • Face + neck                                            $380
  • Face + neck + décolletage                   $400
  • Face + neck + décolletage + hands    $450
  • Neck + décolletage                                $300
  • Neck + décolletage + hands                 $350

Please Note: This service is not available to first-time clients. Please call the clinic on 98467767 to discuss.

Lymphatic Therapy

Book NowPrices Vary - See below.

Packages available - Call 98476676 or speak to your Sanctum Skin Therapist for details.

This cutting-edge lymphatic therapy mask will accelerate the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells and the detoxing of waste throughout the lymphatic system.  It also speeds up skin healing making this mask amazing for many conditions including rosacea, dermatitis and acne! Our in-clinic Detox Lymphatic Therapy treatment improves waste removal and detoxification and is packed with antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingrediencies. This treatment is ideal for everyone. It strengthens weak skin barriers, reduces redness, calms the skin and improves collagen production, leaving you with that instant glow.

Optional services for both face and back available.

  • Level 1 Face Detox Treatment            Lymphatic Therapy                                                         $190
  • Level 2 Face Detox Treatment            Lymphatic Therapy +Enzyme Peel or LED                  $230
  • Level 3 Face Detox Treatment            Lymphatic Therapy+ Extractions or Alga mask          $255
  • Level 1 Back Detox Treatment            Lymphatic Therapy                                                        $195
  • Level 2 Back Detox Treatment            Lymphatic Therapy+ enzyme peel or LED                  $235
  • Level 2 Back Detox Treatment            Lymphatic Therapy+ or Extractions                            $245

Post CIT Enzyme and LED Treatment

This Post CIT Enzyme and LED Treatment is an ideal follow-up to your Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).

A few days after CIT, your skin cells start to proliferate. The Enzyme treatment clears any naturally occurring congestion and roughness, while the LED session assists healing and calms inflammation. It also provides energy to the cells to keep their functionality at top capacity.


Book Now$140

— Series of 4 for $380 (a saving of $180) - Just book your first service and we can arrange the package in the clinic.

The LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION LED Facial is a powerful option for all skin types helping with the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, dehydration, redness. It includes a deep cleanse, enzyme peel, LED light therapy, and serums to brighten, plump, tighten and heal the skin. You can have a single session, or a series of weekly treatments for more chronic conditions, providing significant results in a shorter time frame,


— Series of 6 for $360 (a saving of $120) - Just book your first service and we can arrange the package in the clinic.

PROACTIVE LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates all skin types. The entire visible light spectrum is used to provide a unique treatment that improves your skin’s cellular and collagen production.

I’m all about investing in my skin and overall health. That’s why I love the holistic approach at Sanctum, they work from the inside out. I leave every treatment feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and more educated. Thank you


I had a Skin Consultation and Analysis with Caroline and she was very thorough and informative on not just topical treatments of the skin but the underlying support needed as well. The dermaviduals products she recommended don’t leave my combination skin tight/oily but seem to give back and recreate the spa experience at home which I love! My LED Facial with Hannah was so relaxing and my skin felt the most nourished and looked so glowy, in comparison to previous spa treatments at other salons where my sensitive skin often felt compromised. Thanks, Sanctum, I can’t wait to see the journey of my skin from now forwards!