I just turned 68, and I can count the number of skin treatments I’ve had on one hand – and still have fingers left over. My partner convinced me to get a laser skin treatment for the severely sun-damaged skin on my completely bald head and blotchy face.

I expected an expensive, ineffectual treatment, but I got a whole lot more than that. The staff were superbly professional, and the proprietor, Tanja, and partner, Rob, were welcoming and helpful.

What shocked me was the results, however. They were beyond my expectations, by a long shot! After only one treatment, there was a real, noticeable reduction on the sun-spots and blotchiness, and I have gotten a number of spontaneous comments from work colleagues who have noticed ‘something different – you look healthier’.

I can’t recommend Sanctum too highly to anyone who wants a very professional and effective service.