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Our therapists have mastered the waxing techniques that minimise pain. We’ve made our waxing as luxurious and pain-free as it can ever get.

We use a premium quality, low-irritant wax that is ideal for sensitive skin.

We dispose of the wax after every use, with no double dipping for ultimate hygiene and zero cross-contamination.

Women’s Waxing
Eyebrow Shape and Design (First Visit) $39
Eyebrow Maintenance (Subsequent Visits) $32
Half Leg - Bottom $39
Half Leg - Top $48
¾ Leg $52
Full Leg $62
Bikini $34
Bikini - Extended $39
G-String $42
XXX Brazilian (from) $65
Underarm $25
Half Arm $32
Full Arm $43
Lip $19
Chin $19
Nose $15
Facial Waxing (from) $20
Half Face (Chin/Lip/Jaw) $53
Lower Back $37
Eyebrow Shape $35
Nose $15
Underarms $28
Back Half $39
Back Full $60
Back, Shoulders & Neck $75
Chest $45
Stomach $45
Chest & Stomach $75
Arm Full $60
Leg Half (Top Only) $60
Leg Full $85
Full Body (Chest, Stomach, Back, Shoulders, Neck, Arms, Legs) $300

Sanctum Skin Health and Beauty is a boutique salon. Walking into this gorgeous space expect to get a warm welcome from Sanctum’s knowledgeable staff. All the staff are trained at a high level from the products used, health, skin, and overall well-being. Tanja prides herself on educating her clients to ensure they maximize the products they purchased. Her primary focus is the overall health and wellbeing of her clients, understanding that beauty starts within. Beautiful experience, make sure you block out your afternoon so you can make the most of this indulgence!


The best wax I’ve ever had! Completely pain-free, professional, and really warm service, amazing pre and post-care; I cannot recommend Tanja and Onnika (sp?) more highly. I will definitely be returning and recommending!