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Permanent Hair Reduction (SHR)

Permanent Hair Removal
Womens Hair Removal
Mens Hair Removal

Super Hair Reduction (SHR) is a permanent and painless hair reduction technology, the latest and most advanced system available on the market.

For those with a lot in your calendar, it’s super fast. It’s also completely pain free and extremely effective.

If you’d like have a lifetime of smooth, hairless skin rather than regular waxing bookings. For the best results, a 6-8 treatment course is usually required along with an occasional maintenance visit.

To book your free assessment, please contact us.

Please note: All clients are required to undergo a patch test before commencing any IPL treatments.

Skin Consultation and Test Patch $0
Centre of Eyebrows $45
Chin $49
Upper Lip $45
Sides of Face/Cheek $59
Half Face $105
Front or Back of Neck $75
Standard Bikini $89
G-string $110
Brazilian $135
Underarms $59
Half Lower Legs $175
Half Upper Legs $200
Full legs (inc Feet +$29 ) $335
¾ Legs $250
Half Arms $139
Full Arms $175
Navel Line $49
Areola $49
Full leg and Standard bikini $365
Full leg and G-string $385
Full leg and Brazilian $400
Bikini and Underarms $129
G-string and Underarms $145
Brazilian and Underarms $165
Navel line and Areola $85
Men’s Treatments
Beard (inc Neck) $99
Front of Neck $75
Top of Shoulders $75
Back of Neck $75
Chest and Abs $245
Upper and Lower Back $229
Back and Shoulders $250
Full Arms (inc Hands +$29) $245
Full Legs (inc Feet +$29) $469
Speedo $125
Nose or ears $35
Men’s Packages
Back of Neck and Shoulders $165
Full Leg and Speedo $505
Back, Shoulders, Chest and Abs $420