Post Care for CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) Treatments


Now that you've had your CIT treatment, your cells will still be undergoing the healing phase & working hard to produce healthy new cells and baby collagen fibers. So, caring for your skin now is an essential part of your treatment. Having a quiet restful afternoon/evening is always recommended. The first thing you will do when you get home is place the Epi-nouvelle mask on your face and leave it on for up to 4 hours. It's a great opportunity to stop, lay on the couch, read or watch your favourite show!

After your needling treatment, allow the skin to go through its natural healing response by not ‘cooling’ it. However, it's also important to avoid anything that will increase or intensify the inflammation in your skin or create irritation.

After your treatment, please avoid:

  • sun exposure for 72 hrs;
  • excessive exercise for 48 hrs;
  • hot showers, baths, steam for 48 hrs;
  • spray and self-tanning treated area for 72 hrs;
  • alcohol, especially wine;
  • active skincare products (customized moisturisers & serums) for 72 hrs;
  • hot spicy foods;

Before bed, you can use Dermaviduals’ Oleogel Plus or the standard 'High Classic' on your skin for extra hydration. ** For 3 days after needling, ONLY use Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk, Oleogel, and/or High Classic (products without active ingredients) and a Zinc physical sunblock is a must – this is your Jane Iredale mineral powder.  Avoid using any other make-up brands as they may cause unexpected reactions.

After 3 days, you may recommence your usual skin routine and return to the clinic for your Enzyme & LED facial. This will remove any dead skin that has been lifted and boost the cells to increase the healing process. Your SPF Jane Iredale powder must be worn daily, ongoing, to protect the new collagen that is being produced.

** PROTECT, PROTECT, PROTECT your skin from UV damage in ALL seasons by wearing SPF &/or Jane Iredale powder and a hat and avoid excess sun exposure