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New here? We want to give you a gift! — Get a 20% OFF* voucher

(*20% off services at first visit to SANCTUM SKIN + HEALTH + BEAUTY)

Hello You.

Yes, you there, the one searching the internet for that secret solution to fixing your skin.

You’ve tried everything, haven’t you?

You’ve spent a fortune on lotions and potions, even pharmaceuticals.

But still your skin lets you down, and doesn’t reflect your inner beauty.

New here? We want to give you a gift! — Get a 20% off voucher.

There’s another way to get beautiful skin

We’re a Melbourne skin therapy clinic helping people discover beautiful healthy skin.

We are highly trained skin therapists who take the time, care and effort to understand the cause of your skin issues, and treat it at the source.

The result is beautiful, healthy, radiant skin – for life.

Every client is unique, and so is every treatment

Every client who walks through our door receives completely personalised treatments.

In fact, you’ll probably receive a different treatment every time you walk through our door.

That’s because we completely customise your skin therapy to your needs on the day. Even if we are treating a long-term condition, we adjust our treatment to factor in the season, your current stress levels, your recent diet and more.

We use dermaviduals®, and we choose from 40 different serums to create the perfect solution for you every time.


We were so lucky to find Tanja to do my daughters formal makeup. The result was absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to try other treatments. Many thanks

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Staff are highly knowledgeable and have been able to assist me with my problematic skin. They seem to genuinely care and I don’t feel like I’m just another number to…

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Always a perfect tan!

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Where naturopathy meets beauty…and more

We offer professional naturopathy consultations to understand and resolve any internal imbalance which is affecting your health, and your skin.

This combination of naturopathy and skin therapy means we can tap into your body’s natural healing system to give you healthy skin from the inside out.

Our clients gain an outcome that they may have spent years and, and in some cases, thousands of dollars on trying to solve.

“We have a track record of solving skin and health problems in a short timeframe and without huge expense.”